Strategic Partners


A long time ago we discovered that you cannot be all things to all people and it is not possible to maintain expertise across the entire HR arena, that now has multiple specialisations.

To ensure we are able to provide a comprehensive suite of services and products to meet the requirements of our clients we have formed a number of strategic partnerships with organisations we love and trust. These organisations provide best in class solutions for their specialisations and we can attest that their values and working style are in alignment with our own.

Our Strategic Partners are:


Evolve Intelligence powers strategic Talent + Intelligence decisions for leading global companies.



3gHR is a consulting business working with organisations committed to achieving success through harnessing the talent and enthusiasms of their people.
3gHR apply deep understanding of the dynamics of individuals and teams to design and deliver high impact interventions which fully engage people in achieving significant and sustainable results.

Specialties: Training via the Circle Leadership and Management Development Programs and Coaching.



For almost 30 years, Reddin Partners has been delivering peace of mind to its two key stakeholder groups:

The paying client – a range of local, national and international companies working all around Australia, Capital City and Regionally based, in Asia, New Zealand and the US. Reddin Partners has been on helping companies attract, develop and retain top talent. Most clients come to Reddin Partners through word of mouth recommendation, and many have been being clients for 20 or more years.

The candidate or participant – whether working with a candidate to help them make their next career move, helping them manage a career transition, equipping them with new skills, or providing them with coaching to make them even more effective in their chosen field, Reddin Partners treat them with dignity and respect, understanding the need for feedback and follow-up.
Trusted by stakeholders, and operating with the strictest confidentiality, Reddin Partners work across a range of industries, typically supporting only a small number of companies in any industry sector.

Specialties: Research based Executive Search, Executive Coaching, Executive Assessment, Assessment Interviews Techniques Training, Career Transition and Outplacement, Advertised Search.

We are a Work Change, Career Specialist and Executive Coaching business. Our focus is on the people side of the organisation, with expertise in career services, workplace relationships and performance, change management and outplacement..

We have a strong reputation for achieving consistent results for clients as broad as State and local governments, government agencies, non-government organisations and commercial enterprises, including IT and manufacturing companies.
We provide:
• Career Transition Support (Outplacement)
• Career Transition Coaching
• Career Development Services
• Workplace Coaching, including emerging leadership development, performance issues & staff management.
• Change Management & Work Support Services
• Mediation
• Psychological & Career Assessment
• A range of popular training programs including ‘Train the Manager as Coach’, Career Planning Workshops, Front-Line Management workshops & seminars

Specialties: Change Management, Career Development, Mediation, Coaching