Forte HR Suite

Over the past decade the HR Profession has battled through immense multidimensional change and the jury is still out as to whether or not as a profession it is be better placed now than in the past.

For years we have seen HR profess a need to be at the strategic table but with the focus in the last few years limited in many cases to cost optimisation and reduction, the HR function has potentially become more efficient but not necessarily more effective in adding true value.

This backdrop compounded by global recessions, globalisation, virtual work environments, changing employee demographics and incredible leaps in enterprise and mobile technologies all makes it an interesting platform for both the new entrant into HR and the seasoned practitioner.


As this area becomes increasingly complex there are few avenues for HR practitioners to gain support, independent practical insights and perspectives, personal development and guidance. Often development opportunities are generic in nature not picking up on the idiosyncrasies of the changing world and dynamic nature of HR.

It is also recognised, be it right or wrong, HR is often tasked with managing enterprise wide programs and the skill base for managing these challenges is not always inherently available within the current team.

The purpose of the Forte HR Suite is to provide a blended level of support which both assists the individual get the right work done today while preparing for what the future may bring. This offering intentionally blurs the lines between coaching, mentoring and consulting support and the focus is adjusted based on the requirements of the individual and the current demands placed upon them. Our focus is on supporting real objectives, getting the work done and building capability for the future.

The Forte HR Suite includes the following individual support programs for HR Leaders and HR Practitioners.

The HR Suite includes:

HR Executive
HR Strategic Partner
HR Project Manager Assist