HR Executive

This program is suited to:

General Manager Human Resources
Head of Human Resources
Director Of Human Resources
Head of Talent / Leadership Development

The HR Executive Program is a customised, one-on-one development experience for the HR Leader. The program is suited to those who wish to further hone their HR thought leadership to fulfil the requirements of their current position, whilst also taking proactive steps to enhance their career.

Rather than have one consultant for the entire program, opportunities will be created to work with other relevant experts to address issues that are current within your workplace.

The role of the Forte Consultant is to help build capability to improve performance. We do this by working with you to clarify goals, developing a plan, understand current challenges and addressing them.

Our service moves beyond executive coaching as we provide HR content expertise and where requested can also provide consulting support.

Programs vary dependent on individual needs but usually include a combination of the following over 12 months:

Initial Talent Assessment Interview
Forte HR Executive 360 Degree Feedback
Development Planning
Coach / Mentor Sessions
Phone Support
Quarterly Peer Networking