HR Strategic Partner

This program is suited to:

HR Business / Strategic Partner
HR Manager
HR Consultant
HR Specialist

The HR Strategic Partner Program is tailored for HR ‘High Potentials’ and like the HR Executive Program is based on a one-to-one development experience. The focus is primarily based on assisting HR Practitioners to increase their level of expertise, level of influence and provide further building blocks for a successful career.

The program moves beyond executive coaching as we provide HR content expertise and where requested can also deliver consulting support.

The programs are typically tailored to address current business needs. For example, the entire program can be compressed to an intensive First 100 Days Program for newly appointed HR Practitioners whom require additional support to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Programs vary dependent on individual needs but usually include a combination of the following over 12 months:

Initial Talent Assessment Interview
Forte HR Strategic Partner 360 Degree Feedback
Development Planning
Coach / Mentor Sessions
Phone Support