Now more than ever organisations need to continually ensure they are aligned with their customers and also maintain a futurist outlook to where their respective industries are heading. Examples of Iconic global organisations that have somehow lost their way seem to hit the press on an increasingly regular basis. The tales of iconic brands such as Nokia and Blackberry are classic examples but they are not alone. Regardless of whether or not the organisation is publicly listed, private, government or not-for-profit the pace of change appears to be increasing.

With this backdrop the HR function in many organisations is under immense pressure and scrutiny to demonstrate value at all levels of delivery from business support to beyond strategic partner. HR services have also seen increases in scope, often without additional dedicated resources.

This has fragmented many deliverables with HR often taking on a full program of deliverables without having all of the required resources in place. In many cases it could be argued that it is not HR’s role to run such programs but we expect this area will be grey for some time yet. The success rate of HR programs does not appear to be improving and as a profession HR is in catch up mode.

No single methodology works to address this myriad of issues.

Forte People works with clients in different ways to support the HR function in achieving its goals and therefore demonstrating it’s worth in increasing organisational effectiveness.